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    November 01, 2006


    Buck Eschaton

    I don't want to sound to cynical, but I'm quite sure that they knew Iraq had no WMD's prior to the invasion and that it had no connection to terrorism or Al-Qaeda. I too used to think it was all about the oil, but I've grown to realize even that was not a reason. The more I think about the harder it comes to arrive at any strategic reason for the war. The "Welfare for Defense Contractors" seems to be the most rational reason. But I think the "real reason" behind the war is more psychological. The neo-cons wanted to be the new, conservative FDR. The greatest desire is to undo all the work of FDR. They were like Don Quixotes lost in the false image they held of themselves. They thought they were Churchill (definitely not FDR) fighting Hitler, they wanted their own heroic WWII and this was supposed to be it. That's why they constantly used all the WWII imagery. This whole war is absurd and will continue to become more ludicrous.

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